Coastal and Environmental Hydrodynamics Laboratory

Current Research

Variability in laterally accreting tidal bars as a function of fluvial input (sponsor: Shell Clastics Research Group)

Wave transformation at salt-marsh boundaries (sponsor: Louisiana Sea Grant).

Flow distribution in wetlands and deltaic basins using synoptic ADCP observations.

Mechanics of hypoxia in Chandeleur Sound; physical controls.

Hydrodynamic and Sediment Transport modeling in the lower Mississippi River.

Ocean-Sound exchange and circulation in the Chandeleur and Mississippi Sound using FVCOM.

Completed Research Projects

Differential sedimentation in a Mississippi River crevasse splay; upstream controls and internal stratigraphy.

Estuarine Exchange as a function of barrier island transgression and interior wetland loss.

Predicting the Resilience of the Chandeleur Island Chain as a Function of Restoration Options; Hydrodynamic, Wave and Sediment Transport Modeling (sponsor: USGS and Fish and Wildlife Service)

Rapid Prototyping of NASA MODIS 250m Data in the Calibration/Validation of a Sediment Transport Model for Water Quality Assessment and Public Health Decision Support (sponsor: NASA)

Modeling Circulation and Pathogen Fate and Transport in Stormwater Plumes (sponsor: NOAA)

Optimization of the Violet Freshwater Diversion in Conjunction with Other Upper and Middle Basin Freshwater Diversions (sponsor: NOAA)

Hydrodynamic and Salinity Modeling in the Pontchartrain Basin: Assessment of Freshwater Diversion at Violet with MRGO Modifications (sponsor: NOAA)

Salinity Stratification from a Navigation Canal in a Shallow Lake.

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